Finding Help in Scotland

Help for alcoholism is available in Scotland in many forms. There are public services, alcohol charities, and private rehab clinics offering residential treatment programs. The most important thing is for the alcoholic in Scotland to make the choice to get help. Once that choice is made, it is simply a matter of finding the right resources.

Alcohol Help is here to assist those in Scotland in need of alcoholism recovery services. We are a referral service with established relationships among the best private clinics in the region. When you contact us, we will be ready to match you or your loved one with a rehab clinic or public program best suited to your circumstances.

Public versus Private in Scotland

Make no mistake; there is no shortage of public alcohol rehab services in Scotland. The only problem is, most of them are operated and maintained by government agencies. Despite the government’s best intentions, they are simply not capable of providing the in-depth and comprehensive services necessary to help the alcoholic achieve long-term sobriety.

The private sector is different. Private rehab clinics are much more likely to achieve permanent sobriety because that is their only mission. Without having to worry about all of the other public health issues government agencies deal with, they are able to devote all of their resources to addiction recovery. The question is this:

Would you prefer alcoholism treatment from a government agency offering bare minimum services, or would you prefer treatment from a private facility whose only mission and purpose is addiction recovery? The answer seems clear enough.

Available Services

Alcohol Help has access to a variety of programs and services. We can advise you regarding the following:

  • Counselling – The alcohol abuser who has not yet reached the point of alcoholism (addiction) will likely be able to overcome through one-on-one and/or group counselling. We can advise regarding the different counsellors available to the alcohol abuser. We also know which counselling options are right for a given set of circumstances.
  • Detox – The alcoholic needs a lot more help than the alcohol abuser. The first step in his or her recovery will always be detox – a somewhat uncomfortable experience involving very definite alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Private rehab centres offer medical care and supervision through the detox process.
  • Rehab – When detox is not enough, and that is true in most cases, rehab completes the process. Rehab deals with emotional and mental dependence as compared to the physical dependence focus of detox. Rehab involves several different therapies including counselling and controlled group activities.

Self-Help Options

Some alcoholics will try to avail themselves of self-help options in order to quit drinking. When that works, it’s great. However, self-help strategies fail more often than they succeed. Why? Because alcohol addiction is a very powerful one. If you have tried self-help strategies and failed, why not contact us to inquire about detox and rehab.

Scotland has a number of qualified and highly successful rehab centres for you to choose from. From Edinburgh to Glasgow to Aberdeen and all points in between, there are multiple services the alcoholic can take advantage of. So why wait? Please do not live another day as a victim of alcohol dependency. Get in touch with Alcohol Help right away so we can find you the help you need in Scotland.