Alcohol Addiction

Although addiction is a natural condition which effects many of us, information around it tends to be limited, especially in regards to alcohol. The biggest misconception is the difference between abusing alcohol and developing an addiction.

Addiction is caused when the body becomes reliant on alcohol, preventing someone from reducing their intake without experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Many of individuals who drink large amounts of alcohol will never become addicted. However, for 7% of the adult population, that’s not the case. If you are struggling with your relationship with alcohol, then you are not alone.

What Causes Alcoholism?

Alcohol itself does not create addiction – addiction is caused by underlying problems in someone’s life that have not been addressed. If an individual wants to supress emotions or forget about a particular event, alcohol is an accessible substance to help with this. If that person becomes reliant on alcohol to hide their pain, their body can soon become dependent on it, which is known as alcohol addiction.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of alcoholism is important for identifying it in yourself or someone else.

Knowing When to Stop

Various government and health agencies have set guidelines regarding what qualifies as moderate alcohol use and what crosses the line into abuse. If you do not know when to stop drinking you may already be on the road to alcoholism – if you’re not already there.

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem but one that can be overcome. Alcohol Help is here to make that happen. Please get in touch with us today if you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse. We work with the best private rehab clinics in the country; we will get you into a program that can help support you through the hardest times.

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