How to get an alcoholic help (someone else)

Alcoholism is a terrible addiction that wreaks havoc on the life of the individual. However, it can be equally destructive to the lives of family members and friends. Family members often undergo tremendous emotional and mental stress, financial hardship, loss of trust, and, in some cases, even abuse at the hands of the alcoholic.

If you find yourself in this sort of situation, please know that there is help available through private rehab clinics around the UK. Alcohol Help is here to match you up with those clinics. With just a phone call, e-mail, or a submission of our online contact form, we can assist you in getting your life back.

The basic steps for getting help for an alcoholic are:

  • Learning Options – Before doing anything else, learn your options as far as treatment programs are concerned. You will need to know what those options are prior to confronting the alcoholic, so that you can take immediate advantage of any decision to seek help.
  • Intervention – Experts agree that conducting an intervention can be very powerful in motivating the alcoholic to seek help. The intervention is designed to impress upon the individual that his destructive behaviour is harming family and friends as well as himself.
  • Accountability – A successful intervention will result in a decision by the alcoholic to finally seek help. At that point, you should immediately spring into action to make sure the individual is enrolled in a treatment program AND to make sure he or she actually attends. If you choose a residential program, you need to get the individual to the facility and checked in.

Once a treatment program has finished the former alcoholic will likely return home. That’s the time when aftercare is critically important. You may want to arrange aftercare while the individual is in treatment so that it is immediately available when that treatment has concluded.

Many of the rehab clinics we work with also provide resources for aftercare. You might want to discuss aftercare with caseworkers who can help you make arrangements or get you pointed in the right direction.

The Intervention

Intervention is the most difficult part for many families seeking to help alcoholic loved ones. Yet it is also the most critical in many cases. Why? Because the alcoholic has already demonstrated, through his or her behaviour, that he or she is no longer concerned about his or her own health or well-being. That’s not good place to be.

When you conduct an intervention, the point is to make the alcoholic aware that their behaviour is negatively affecting other people as well. This is sometimes the only thing that will get the person’s attention. If he or she knows that they are harming a spouse or children, that might be enough motivation to get help.

If someone you love is suffering from alcohol addiction, please do not wait another moment to contact Alcohol Help. Do not wait until that alcoholism destroys you and your family. When you do contact us, rest assured that you would be dealing with professionals who understand exactly what you are going through. Our staff are not here to judge; we are here to make sure you and your family get the help you need.

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