Alcohol Detox Clinics

Over the last few years, the number of alcohol detox clinics opening in Europe has risen dramatically. Statistics suggest the need for new clinic is related to an increased demand for services. The combination of new treatment methods and technologies are leading alcohol and drug detox treatment to new levels of success, leading to a higher demand for services.

If you are currently suffering from alcohol dependence, or you know someone who is, Alcohol Help can assist you in taking advantage of the services offered by these clinics. We are a trusted name in alcohol and drug rehab referrals because of our relationships with the best clinics throughout the UK and Europe.

Our goal at Alcohol Help is not to pass judgement on you or your family. We also will not tell you how to live your lives. We simply connect you with detox clinics, outpatient programs and other services intended to enable alcoholics to break free.

Detox Clinic Basics

You may be wondering if there is a difference between the detox and rehab clinic. In technical terms there is, though from a practical standpoint that is not always the case. When there are differences, it comes down to the definitions of detox and rehab:

  • Detoxification – Detox is a fast and intense way to rid oneself of alcohol and its resulting compounds in a relatively short amount of time. It involves separating the alcoholic from his or her drinks and circumstances so that he or she can go through withdrawal symptoms without the availability of more alcohol. Detox can usually be completed in about a week.
  • Rehabilitation – Rehab is a much longer and involved process that seeks to get to the core emotional and mental issues related to alcohol addiction. Most chronic alcoholics require rehab in order to learn to cope with these issues outside of continued drinking. Rehab can take between 6 and 12 weeks depending on the facility and the program.

There are a small number of detox clinics in the UK that focus only on that part of the equation. However, most private clinics offer both detox and rehab simultaneously.

NHS Services

If you are seeking help with alcoholism, you should know that NHS detox programs are not the same as the services offered by private clinics. An NHS detox program is short, focused, and limited in scope. After completing such a program, the alcoholic is then referred to an outpatient program in most cases.

The advantage of the private detox clinic is that it follows the alcoholic through the program, from start to finish. That includes detox, rehab, and several months of aftercare. By providing more comprehensive treatment for a longer amount of time, private clinics enjoy a much higher long-term success rate.

How We Can Help

Alcohol Help specialises in assisting alcoholics and their families in finding the appropriate clinics and services for their circumstances. We have relationships with the best detox clinics in the UK, as well as additional clinics abroad. We do our best to help every client who contacts us in need of alcohol detox.

The detox process is not easy, but it is necessary if an alcohol addiction is to be permanently broken. Experts recommend you not try it on your own; it is considered a medical emergency because it can be dangerous. Please call Alcohol Help today so we can assist you or your loved one in finding and enrolling in a qualified detox program.