Treatment for Alcoholism

Alcoholism treatment is something that has come a long way in the last several decades. Thanks to a better understanding of how it works, along with a willingness by the medical community to address the problem, rehab clinics are now helping record numbers of alcoholics gain victory over their addictions.

Some clinics use a 12-step program that has proven successful for many alcoholics. Others choose a more personal approach that relies heavily on individual circumstances. At Alcohol Helper, we work with all sorts of clinics to match them with alcoholics who need their help.

Regardless of the specific methodology used, there are four components common to most alcoholism treatment programs:

  • Detox – Detoxification seeks to help the alcoholic become completely alcohol free within a very short amount of time. However, detox only addresses the physical component. It separates the alcoholic from his or her alcohol so that, in just a few days, their body is completely free.
  • Rehab – The idea of rehab is to go beyond just physical dependence; it delves into emotional and mental dependence as well. Rehab is typically a 6 to 8 week process followed by several months of continued aftercare. Rehab is a necessary step for most alcoholics.
  • Counselling – One of the most powerful rehabilitation tools is counselling. This can take place in a group setting or one-on-one; some residential treatment programs combine the two. Counselling helps the alcoholic understand the mental and emotional issues that may lead him or her to drink. It also teaches new ways to overcome those issues without drinking.
  • Medication – There are a number of medications that make drinking physically repulsive. In some cases, these medications are appropriate to help the drinker stop drinking. Other medications take the place of alcohol as a way of slowly weaning the alcoholic from his/her dependence. Only a doctor or other trained clinician can decide whether medication is appropriate or not.

It Starts with the Decision

Make no mistake; successful treatment for alcoholism starts with a decision. That decision is the domain of the alcoholic; no one can make the decision for him or her. If you recognise that you have a drinking problem, you must come to terms with it and decide to seek help before anyone can do anything for you.

Perhaps you are not an alcoholic yourself, but you know someone who is. You may be able to encourage that person to make the decision to seek help by conducting what is known as an intervention. If you need guidance doing so, Alcohol Help can assist you.

Intervention is specifically designed to cause the alcoholic to make one choice or the other. That said, it is important for you know what treatment options are available prior to conducting an intervention. Having this information allows you to immediately set the wheels in motion should the alcoholic consent to treatment during the intervention. Remember that speed is of the essence.

Treatment for alcoholism is now fairly successful thanks to the advancements made over the years. Nevertheless, it all starts with acknowledging there is a problem and asking for help. Whether you are an alcoholic or a family member is, the time for you to get in touch with Alcohol Help is right now. Our compassionate and caring staff are waiting to hear from you.