Finding Help in Wales

The Welsh people are a proud people with a rich heritage and culture. Nonetheless, alcoholism is still a problem in Wales. It is vitally important for you or someone you love to get help as soon as possible if alcoholism is a problem. Finding help in Wales is where we come in.

As a leading referral service in the UK, Alcohol Help is familiar with nearly every clinic and program in Wales. What’s more, we know what each program offers by way of alcohol rehab services. By speaking with you or your loved one, we can help assess the situation in order to recommend the appropriate program or clinic.

How does that help you? By taking most of the legwork out of finding alcohol detox help in Wales. All you need do to access that help is make the first contact.

NHS Services in Wales

The NHS offers limited services in Wales to those in need of alcohol detox. Those services include short detox programs, outpatient services, group counselling, and physician-based services. The advantage of using the NHS is that most of their services are free.

Alcohol Help is more than willing to direct you to NHS services if using a private clinic is out of the question. However, we prefer private clinics because they offer alcoholics a greater chance of long-term success. If you need alcohol detox or rehab in Wales, let us assist you in determining the right options for you.

Private Services in Wales

As we previously mentioned, we recommend to most of our clients a private alcohol clinic as a first option. Private clinics offer a number of services including residential treatment programs. Residential programs can last between six and eight weeks; the alcoholic lives at the facility during that time.

The private clinics we work with are fully certified and more than capable of helping you or your loved one break alcohol addiction. The services they offer include detox, rehab, group and one-on-one counselling, and skills training. Alcohol Help can assist you in arranging admission for yourself or your loved one.

Aftercare in Wales

Following the completion of an outpatient or residential program, the alcoholic needs appropriate aftercare in order to avoid relapse. Aftercare can be as short as several months or longer than a year; it really depends on the circumstances of the individual.

To understand the importance of aftercare you need to know that former alcoholics who fail to utilise aftercare are much more likely to relapse. Those who do utilise aftercare find the support, encouragement, and tools they need to avoid the inevitable temptations coming their way in the future.

If the alcohol rehab clinic you choose does not include aftercare, we can assist you in finding that care elsewhere. The important thing is that the former alcoholic returning home gets into an aftercare program.

Now that you know more about finding alcohol recovery help in Wales, there is but one question remaining: what’s holding you back? If you know you have an alcohol problem, you have already taken the first step. Now is the time to get started on the road to recovery. Now is the time to contact Alcohol Help.

If you are looking for assistance on behalf of a friend or loved one, the same question applies. There is no need to wait another day; there is no need to stand by idly while alcohol destroys the life of your friend or loved one. Call us so we can advise you on all of your options. That’s why we’re here.