Where to Get Help in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful island with plenty of lush greenery and some of the best views on the planet. What a shame then when an individual cannot appreciate that beauty because his or her life is being destroyed by alcohol dependency. It is something that happens far too frequently on the Emerald Isle.

With a combined population of more than 6 million, both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland deal with their fair share of alcoholism. The good news is that help exists in several forms. Even better is the fact that Alcohol Help exists to assist people just like you in finding the help they need.

Whether you are concerned about alcohol abuse or addiction, the time to seek help is right now. Alcohol Help wants you to know that no case is beyond treatment. If you will allow us to assist you, we can help you find the programs you or your loved one need.

Public Services in Ireland

There are a number of public services in Ireland made available through government health clinics and alcohol charities. These programs can be very beneficial to mild alcohol abusers by offering the counselling, group support and other services necessary to prevent alcohol abuse from becoming addiction.

As for the chronic alcoholic, public services tend not to be very successful. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with these services, it’s just that they’re not designed to provide the type of treatment the chronic alcoholic needs. Those types of comprehensive services are best left to private clinics offering residential programs.

Private Services in Ireland

Private alcohol rehab clinics are available all across Ireland. These clinics offer a full compendium of services including detox, 12-step rehab, group and individual counselling, skills training and aftercare. A residential treatment program can last anywhere from six to 12 weeks depending on the individual facility.

How can we help? By assisting you or your loved one in finding the private clinic that is right for you. Alcohol Help is a leading referral service that takes advantage of our long-standing relationships with the best clinics in Ireland. We know what each clinic offers, so we can help you determine your best options.

During our initial contact, one of our representatives will go through all of your treatment options with you. If you are calling for yourself, we will even help you make the necessary arrangements. If you are calling on behalf of someone else, it is important for you to get all the information right now so that you are ready to act as soon as your friend or loved one makes the decision to seek help.

Aftercare in Ireland

Regardless of whether an outpatient or residential program is chosen, aftercare is a critical element not to be ignored. Aftercare follows up with the alcoholic during the months after completion of a treatment program. Aftercare provides additional counselling, group support and, when necessary, maintenance medications.

Most of the private clinics we work with include aftercare as part of their programs. In the absence of that, Alcohol Help can assist you in lining up aftercare from other sources. We offer this service because we know how important aftercare is for long-term sobriety.

Knowing where to find alcohol recovery help in Ireland can be confusing and somewhat elusive. That’s why you need to contact us at Alcohol Help. We take all of the hassle out of the equation by doing the work for you. Please let us help you. We want to see you or your loved one get complete victory over alcohol addiction.